Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyer Newnan GA

One of the biggest challenges involved with divorce is child custody. It can be difficult to find an arrangement of which both parents agree upon. Fortunately, a child custody lawyer in Newnan, GA can help you.

Here at the Law Offices of Jason G. Smith, we have a team of lawyers waiting for you. They have the experience it takes to handle child custody issues. Because they know how much is at stake, they treat each case with passion and determination.

Giving You the Answers You Need

Whether you are about to go through a divorce or you are already in the midst of one, you probably have questions about child custody. Our lawyers have answers for you.

When you work with us, our lawyers take the time to listen. They want to hear about your situation. Additionally, they want to listen to your questions and concerns. Who will get primary custody? How does a court decide visitation? Our lawyers want you to understand how custody cases work and what your possible outcome might be.

By understanding your case, you can go into your child custody case more confident. A child custody lawyer in Newnan, GA can give you the answers and peace of mind that you need.

Child Custody Legal Insights in Newnan

Child custody laws in Georgia are quite specific. It’s a specific niche in which some lawyers have limited experience.

Our law firm has extensive experience with child custody cases. Thanks to our years in the family courts, our lawyers know what it takes to get good outcomes. When you work with a child custody lawyer in Newnan, GA from our firm, you get a lawyer who can work towards a positive outcome.

What is in Your Child’s Best Interests?

In Georgia, child custody is all about the best interest of the child. But that leaves room for interpretation. Our lawyers work hard to use the law to your advantage.

It’s not easy for a judge to decide what type of arrangement is in a child’s best interest. After all, it’s very subjective. What one parent believes to be in the child’s best interest could be the opposite of what the other believes.

For that reason, Georgia courts evaluate several factors. Here are some of the details a judge might consider during a custody case:

  • The stability of a parent
  • A child’s age and wants
  • Criminal history of the parent
  • How well a parent can care for a child

If your custody case goes to court, it’s up to your lawyer to prove that the child would be better off in your care. Our team of lawyers can work towards accomplishing that.

Possible Outcomes

There are several possible outcomes for your custody case in Newnan. The outcome you get depends on your lawyer, your evidence, and your judge.

One outcome is joint custody. Typically, judges favor this decision. If you get joint custody of your child, you must work with the other parent to make major decisions. Medical decisions, educational decisions, and religious decisions are the responsibility of both parents. As the child grows, the parents need to discuss and agree upon all major decisions.

Another possibility is joint physical custody. If this occurs, your child will split the time they spend with you and the other parent. This is not a common occurrence in Georgia, but it can happen.

Sole legal custody is another option. In this arrangement, one parent makes all of the major decisions. Sole physical custody allows the child to live with only one parent.

Getting the Outcome You Want

There’s no way to guarantee that you will get the outcome you want. However, there are ways to improve your chances of a good outcome.

When you work with us at the Law Offices of Jason G. Smith, you get a family law lawyer in Coweta County who will fight for your family. The sooner you take legal action, the sooner you can move on with your life. Contact us today for a consultation to get started.